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Today’s fast-paced world has not only stressed its adults but has also included children in its fold. Grades, homework, peer pressure, teasing and insufficient attention from working parents in nuclear families have taken a toll on the tender minds of our children.

Keeping in mind this rising crisis the teachers of S.D Public School, have created innovative and tranquil peace corners in their respective classrooms to assist children to manage stress and resolve conflicts among peers. The same arrangement in form of a ‘Peace table’ has been set up for senior/middle school students too.Their goal is to guide a child to be alone or with a friend in a safe, structured, peaceful place, introspecting and experimenting with strategies to acquire calmness of mind and settle disagreements.

Every classroom has been equipped with inspirational charts projecting the various steps to achieve calmness of mind and thought- provoking posters projecting quotations and ideas on peace and friendship. Busts of the Buddha have been displayed to add serenity, plants have been kept to bring positive energy and freshness, calming jars, books and beads to divert the mind from restlessness, activity boxes with colouring books and crayons to relieve stress, scrap books to give vent to pent up emotions and a peace book to pen down conflicts and the resolutions achieved. Comfortable chairs and mats have been provided to make the corners cosy and a few creative teachers have hung soothing dupattas to reduce sunlight and enhance calmness.

  • It helps to improve their brain power.
  • It helps them build their confidence
  • It helps them develop social skills
  • It inspires creativity

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